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become a member

The more people are involved in KulturLeben Berlin, the more people can enjoy culture thanks to our help. We cordially invite you to become a member of our non-profit organization. There are two options for this:

  • As a full member, you are entitled to vote and thus actively contribute to the club’s life. They support KulturLeben Berlin with at least 120 euros per year.
  • Although you are not entitled to vote as a sponsoring member, you can make an important contribution to our work with 20 euros per year.

Here you can register as a regular or sponsoring member:

Application for membership Flyer-Format

Application for membership KulturLeben Berlin DIN A 4_2018

Just print out the form, fill it out and send it signed to the following address:
KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur e.V., Stephanstr. 13, 10559 Berlin

Please note: Our accession flyer is currently being processed and will be available online again shortly.

Privacy policy under Art. 13 DS-GVO

Since we provide forms for registration as a cultural guest on our website, we fulfill our obligation to provide information by providing you with our Privacy policy in fulfillment of the obligations under Art. 13 DS-BER.

Privacy policy at § 13 DSGVO_Gäste_KulturLeben Berlin (German)

Privacy policy § 13 DSGVO_Vereinsmitglieder_KulturLeben Berlin (German)

Donate money

We depend on your help. KulturLeben Berlin finances itself through donations, sponsoring and membership fees. Support us in enabling Berliners to participate in the cultural life of the city on a tight budget.

Bank details:
KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur e.V.
IBAN: DE05 1012 0100 1003 0059 27
Weberbank AG, Berlin
Purpose: Spende

On request, we will gladly issue a donation receipt.

As a supporting member you support our work already with an annual contribution from 20 Euro. Sign up here: Enrollment

Please note: Our accession flyer is currently being processed and will be available online again shortly.

You would like to support KulturLeben Berlin as a sponsor? CEO Angela Meyenburg is looking forward to hearing from you:

Donate time

Thanks to many volunteers, we can offer our guests unique cultural experiences. If you want to give us a small or large part of your free time, we are very happy!

You can engage in different areas:

  • in the telephone exchange of tickets to our guests,
  • when advertising new guests, for example in libraries or at the outlets of loaf and soul,
  • in public relations or marketing,
  • in the event organization.

Would you like to support us in our office in Berlin-Moabit or, at first, find out more about the voluntary work for KulturLeben Berlin? Write to:

office address

Projectrooms KulturLeben Berlin – Schlüssel zur Kultur e.V.
Stephanstraße 51
10559 Berlin

Our volunteer team

Donate tickets

More than 440 cultural partners regularly donate tickets so our guests can enjoy the cultural diversity of the capital. If you would also like to support KulturLeben Berlin as an organizer, please contact:

Here you will find an alphabetical list of our cultural partners cultural partners ..