Despite Corona – Enjoying cultural events at home No. 13

Dear guests,

theaters, museums and concert halls first have to remain closed due to the Corona virus. So that the ceiling does not fall on our heads, many cultural organizers offer free digital offers that we warmly recommend! After visiting the State Museums in Berlin, we are now dedicating ourselves to other great Berlin museums! A feast for the eyes!

Museum for Communication Berlin digital

 The Museum for Communication Berlin brings the past and the future under one roof: With the permanent exhibition, it makes the origin, development and future prospects of the information society tangible and tangible. Attractive temporary exhibitions focus on the different aspects of communication. Of course, the Museum for Communication has an extensive online offer. Whether expotizer for the current exhibition, media literacy or digital databases for online research in the holdings – the museum offers you a wide range of digital offers and formats.

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Discover the German Historical Museum online

The German Historical Museum is Germany’s national history museum. Located in Berlin’s historical center, it sees itself as a place for lively communication and discussion of history. The permanent exhibition in the Zeughaus “German History from the Middle Ages to the Fall of the Wall” with more than 7,000 objects gives a unique overview of German history in an international context. The museum’s temporary exhibitions are in the exhibition hall of the Chinese-American architect I.M. To see Pei. They are dedicated to defining historical events, epochs and social developments. The German Historical Museum Berlin has been closed since March 14, 2020 due to the current location. But you can also discover the German Historical Museum from home. Use the diverse and exciting digital offers of the museum.

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Berlin City Museum Foundation: Online Collection

In five museums, the Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation shows exhibitions on Berlin’s history from its beginnings to the present day. From 2020, an exhibition in the Humboldt Forum will also focus on the exchange between Berlin and the world. Online Collection is the shop window that gives you an insight into the collection of the Berlin City Museum! You can easily browse through the holdings or search for specific “people”, “places” and “epochs” in order to obtain a thematic or chronological selection of objects. In addition, with the “advanced search” you have a tool at hand with which you can carry out targeted research in the collection. You can view selected objects from all sides in a rotatable 360-degree view.

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German Museum of Technology

The Foundation of the German Museum of Technology in Berlin, the German Museum of Technology and the Science Center Spectrum, unites two outstanding technical history institutions in the capital. Under the motto “For explorers!”, The foundation communicates technology history and the joy of experimentation in a lively manner. The presence of the German Museum of Technology on Google Arts & Culture, which started in 2019, particularly supports the provision of content on various aspects of the cultural history of technology. Digital stories provide an insight into the work of the museum, take up the content of the exhibition and deepen individual topics and content of the collection.

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Museum of Natural History Berlin

The “Museum für Naturkunde – Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Research” is an integrated research museum of the Leibniz Association. It is one of the world’s most important research institutions in the field of biological and geoscientific evolution and biodiversity. Earth and life are explored in dialogue with people. In addition to imparting knowledge, scientific research and the collection are the central pillars of the museum. The collection comprises more than 30 million objects from zoology, paleontology, geology and mineralogy and is of the highest scientific and historical importance. With # fürNatur digital, the museum, with its collection of 30 million objects, can still be experienced online in times of Corona.

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