CORONA NEWS II – Dealing with the Corona Virus at KulturLeben Berlin

Dear guests, sponsors and partners,

the questions about the corona virus have certainly been on everyone’s mind for the past few days and weeks. Due to the current situation and the spread of the corona virus, our association has made the following regulations:

  • KulturLeben Berlin will continue to operate. In our office at Stephanstrasse 51 (10559 Berlin) we can be reached by phone, email and fax between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • We will continue to convey cultural offers that we receive from our cultural partners to our guests. Our guest telephone is also busy at the usual times. After personal consideration of the situation, the guests are responsible for whether they accept a cultural offer or not. If we no longer receive cultural offers from our partners, we have to stop mediating.
  • The external guest advertising by our volunteers at the Laib und Seele food distribution points, in libraries, in job centers and at other social partner institutions is not expected to take place until April 19, 2020.
  • Public traffic in the offices of KulturLeben Berlin at Stephanstrasse 51 (10559 Berlin-Moabit) is expected to be closed by April 19, 2020. Anyone interested can still register as a guest with KulturLeben Berlin by email, fax or mail.

These regulations correspond to the current status of March 12, 2020. We reserve the right to make changes to the regulations in accordance with current developments and will communicate them promptly here on our website.

We wish you and all your families (also on behalf of the Board of Directors) that you stay healthy and that we can start our mediation work fresh and spring-like as soon as possible without Corona.

Best regards


Angela Meyenburg

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